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The LION WHISPERER Kevin Richardson Living with the LIONS Full Length Documentary

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Richardson went to college and studied zoology, but quit following two years of repetitive lessons on marine biology instead of mammals. As an adult, Richardson believed that he would never have a career working with animals and that it would remain a hobby of his. He started taking courses in physiology and anatomy in college and started a career in exercise physiology and became an exercise physiologist. When he was twenty-three, he had the opportunity to work with two six-month-old lion cubs, Tau and Napoleon, at the Lion Park near the outskirts of his home in Johannesburg. He still works with the grown cubs. The facility owner, Rodney Fuhr, started him off with a part-time job at the Lion Park.

Kevin Richardson with spotted hyena
Richardson and his team work with animals for the commercial filming industry and make documentaries to generate income to fund the facility. They also have a volunteer programme which generates income and volunteers who help to run the sanctuary.

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