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Man vs lion, African tribe steals Lions meat

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Human vs Lion, African tribe/ Maasai men steals Lion's food without a fight
Researchers from the Institute of Environmental Sciences found in 2008 that people were stealing meat from lions in Benoue national Park, Cameroon. They published one of the first scientific accounts of this phenomenon in the African Journal of Ecology in 2009. At the time it was concluded that the stealing of meat from lions is much more common in Africa than believed and has been part of a strategy of ancient man to obtain animal protein already thousands of years ago.
The few scientific publications on this topic show how difficult it is to find evidence. Recently a film crew from the BBC has succeeded to film the stealing of meat by Maasai warriors from a group of lions feeding on an African buffalo in Kenya. The short film shows the Masai warriors walking shoulder by shoulder towards the feeding lions and scaring them away from their prey and subsequently taking the meat. CML has a joint project on lion livestock conflicts in Amboseli national parks since 2007 with Kenya Wildlife Service and the Leo foundation.

"Your whole body is tense, your heart is pounding."
They are up against fifteen hungry lions. But if they act just once, they might just intimidate the lion and push them off their kill.
They make their move... self-confidence is everything. This is the ultimate face-off.
Suddenly, the lions back off. Rakita has just minutes before the lions realize it's a bluff. In the matter of seconds, he butchers the wilder beast and retreat.
"if you steal the kill, and nobody is hurt, that when you can relax and feel happy"
This is the scene that is played out for our human existence. Hunters are using brains not bronze to outwit their mighty competitors
"We really robbed those lion"
"How many do you think were there?"
"Fifteen but there might have been more"
"but not everybody fights lions. Some people are cowards."
"our cave looks more homely with the meat hanging up"

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