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Chiang Mai Tiger Conservation (Tiger Kingdom)

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About Chiang Mai Tiger conservation, known as Tiger Kingdom: The tigers are born and raised here in this conservation, which was created to protect tiger numbers from decreasing further. The tigers here have grown up around humans and are very trusting and content. They naturally sleep 16-18 hours a day, they specifically state these tigers are not tranquilized so you must be very careful in how you approach them and touch them, no sudden movements or loud sounds, no touching near the head or paws. Definitely no running, they wake up quickly and WILL chase you! Before you are allowed to enter, they require you read all of the rules on how to interact with the tigers first. Even when they appear to be sleeping, you'll notice them start to put their ears back if you pet them too softly, because they don't like it soft, they like be scratched and patted rougher, especially on their bellies.

Some did wake up while we were petting them as you can see in the photos. They were clearly bright eyed with those piercing amber eyes but seemed quite content with being doted on and scratched.

We walked the entire property and most of the tigers and lions were sleeping, Some people seemed to be under the impression they sedate the tigers that the tourists play with, that is not the case. Almost everywhere we looked tigers and lions were laying around or sleeping, it's their favorite daytime activity and walking around the property you could clearly see it was not limited to only the tourists areas. The younger adolescent tigers were the most active but more interested in fighting with each other.

Before going in, I talked to several trainers inquiring if they use any kind of tranquilizers. The answer is no, they are not tranquilized. So if you irritate the them, they will wake up and there is a possibility of being bitten or swatted. So follow the rules, play nice and pet them only how they like to be petted.

There are 3 factors that go into their lazy typical cat snoozing. #1 Tigers naturally sleep 16-18 hours a day (google it). #2 They are fed a hearty tiger-sized meal beforehand and typically enjoy snoozing all afternoon after a good lunch. #3 The heat makes everyone (tigers and humans) here more lethargic and sleepy (they have several pools available for the tigers to cool off and swim (or sleep in as you saw in the video).
Not to mention, these tigers are born and raised here and have grown up around people since they were little cubs, so daily human interaction and attention is the norm for them.

We also wondered if the large tigers had been declawed, but the trainer proudly showed us their massive paws did in fact contain massive claws, and went on to explain they only trim their nails when necessary, the same as you would a house cat or dog if they needed grooming.

The tigers are born and raised here as a conservation project to preserve and protect the disappearing species. It would be wonderful if tigers could live and prosper on their own in the wild but with their numbers dwindling, volunteers and conservations are necessary to grow their numbers. Otherwise these amazing animals could become extinct.

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