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Playing with Tigers in Phuket, Thailand (English)

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Check out our fun day at Tiger Kingdom in Phuket, Thailand! We'll show you how it works, what it costs and what it's like to be in the cage with a tiger. **NOTE: In no way do we condone the mistreatment, drugging, or general abuse of animals in any setting or in any country. That said, the rights of animals in Thailand are less supported than in many other more developed countries world wide and many animal activities in Phuket greatly lack general welfare of the animals, with many veering straight into neglect and abuse. Phuket is run by tourism and if people want to pay to play with tigers someone will give them that opportunity. We highlight Tiger Kingdom as one of the most humane places to interact with animals in Phuket that we have found. While not perfect, the animals are well taken care of and loved. We give the above information not as a statement of fact but as an opinion of the experience as it presented itself to us, so that you the viewer, can make your own ethical and moral decision if you would like to visit.

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